Research Report – Separated Families: who stays, who goes and why? April 2017

Decision-making and its consequences for families separated by mixed migration

Feature Article 1 – April 2017

Displaced Minorities – Part I: Migration and displacement trends of Somali, Sudanese and Yemeni refugees and other migrants in Jordan

New Research & Reports on Mixed Migration – February 2017

MMP Monthly Summary – February 2017

New Research & Reports on Mixed Migration – January 2017

MMP Monthly Summary – January 2017

MMP Monthly Summary – December 2016

 MMP Briefing Paper #2 – January 2017

Turning back: Policy and data analysis of Iraqis moving back from Europe

MMP Monthly Summary – November 2016


MMP Briefing Paper #1 – December 2016

Women and girls on the move: A gender analysis of mixed migration from the Middle East to Europe

MMP Monthly Summary – October 2016