The Mixed Migration Platform (MMP) is a joint initiative of 7 NGOs funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Human Security Division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

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ACAPS provides information products and insight to be used by humanitarians in order to make better decisions. Their training and methodology work supports others to develop better assessments and analysis. ACAPS enables crisis responders to better understand and thereby better address the world’s disasters.

Danish Refugee Council

Danish Refugee Council

DRC fulfils its mandate by providing direct assistance to conflict-affected populations – refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities in the conflict areas of the world; and by advocating on behalf of conflict-affected populations internationally, and in Denmark, on the basis of humanitarian principles and the Human Rights Declaration.


Ground Truth Solutions

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Ground Truth provides humanitarian agencies with the tools to systematically listen and respond to the voices of people affected by humanitarian crises. Their goal is to support better performance by grounding humanitarian aid in the needs, priorities and expectations of affected people. To this end, Ground Truth surveys look at whether the services humanitarian agencies provide are relevant, whether affected populations trust them, and whether they feel empowered.



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Internews’ Humanitarian Information Services aim to improve the quality of timely and actionable information exchanges with the affected communities. Internews believes “information is aid” and aims to support and enable two-way communication within the affected communities and with humanitarian agencies, government and local media, who can help them to have better information to make better informed decisions, and as such improve accountability and reduce vulnerability.


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INTERSOS brings assistance to people in danger who are victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Their goals include giving immediate response, bringing emergency relief, promoting return to normal living conditions, resuming dialogue and strengthening of peace, and facilitating reconstruction and growth.



REACH facilitates the development of information tools and products that enhance the capacity of aid actors to make evidence-based decisions in emergency, recovery and development contexts. REACH is a joint initiative of IMPACT, ACTED and UNOSAT. All REACH activities are conducted in support to and within the framework of inter-agency aid coordination mechanisms.


Translators Without Borders

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Translators Without Borders aims to provide people with access to vital knowledge in their own language by providing aid in humanitarian crisis response through translation and interpreting. They deliver translation and simplification services that are culturally appropriate, accessible and open-source. Their goals also include building language translation capacity at the local level.