What to read on mixed migration: January 2017

Our monthly round up of new resources provides an overview of new research and reports about mixed migration to, from and within the Middle East.

  • A new briefing paper from Mixed Migration Platform, Turning Back focuses on return from the EU. Released in January, it outlines the legal and policy frameworks governing the return of refugees and other migrants from Europe, with a particular focus on Iraqis.
  • ACAPS and the Mixed Migration Platform have produced a new set of Middle East-EU migration scenarios, outlining possible developments in migration via Turkey and Greece over the next six months.
  • Stand and Deliver is a new report from the Danish Refugee Council and 27 other NGOs. It highlights the need for urgent action on commitments made at the London conference in February 2016.
  • A new guidebook entitled Europa: An Illustrated Introduction to Europe for Migrants and Refugees aims to provide practical information in four languages for newcomers to the continent.
  • In a new briefing note on Syrian refugees’ right to legal identity, the Norwegian Refugee Council presents findings of interviews with nearly 600 Syrian households in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, to highlight the number of children lacking identity and civil documents and the implications for return.
  • Desperate Journeys is a new UNHCR report offering a detailed overview of major migration flows to Europe in 2016 in comparison with those of 2015.
  • Refugee Voices is a new report from the TENT Foundation, which presents the findings of interviews conducted with more than 1,500 refugees in Germany, Greece, and Jordan in 2016 looking at drivers of migration, the journey, and experiences of resettlement.
  • Don’t Forget Us: Voices of Young Refugees and Migrants in Greece is a new report by Mercy Corps and the Norwegian Refugee Council based on focus groups conducted with young refugees and migrants of various nationalities in Greece.
  • A new report from Human Rights Watch, Refugees with Disabilities Overlooked, Underserved, argues that refugees with disabilities are not identified and struggle to access services in Greece.
  • The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion has released its World’s Stateless: 2017 report with a focus on childhood statelessness, an issue that, the institute says, is entirely preventable.
  • RMMS monthly summaries of mixed migration issues and news in the Horn of Africa and Yemen region are accessible here. Summaries from West Africa are available here, and 4mi reports from the Central Asia and Southwest Asia region are available here.

This reading list is an excerpt from our Monthly Migration Summary for January 2017. If you have a report you’d like to see on this list, or would like to be added to the mailing list, let us know.