The Mixed Migration Platform (MMP), funded by the UK and Switzerland, aims to provide quality information and protection-sensitive analysis to improve decision-making, both for people on the move through the Middle East and Europe, as well as host governments and humanitarian organisations who are involved in the response.

A consortium of seven NGOs — ACAPS, Danish Refugee Council, Ground Truth Solutions, Internews, INTERSOS, REACH, and Translators Without Borders — the platform was established in 2016 with the aim of ensuring that key actors have improved access to quality information on mixed migration, both in and through the Middle East and Europe, and that migrants have increased knowledge about risks of land and sea journeys, their situation, rights, and services available to them.

The Mixed Migration Platform publishes research products and scenarios, organises events through the consortium partners, and targets migrants in the Middle East and Europe with information on both the risks of onward migration and available basic services.

Download the Arabic version of MMP’s Overview here.